‘Handmade Homegrown’ – who’s on show…?

‘Handmade Homegrown’ concert series @ Theater Dakota 2012/ 13

The music scene now is rich and rapidly changing as the world embraces new frontiers in technology, globalization and gender equality, making way for a storming set of colourful individuals who do their own thing, think for themselves, who devote their time and energy to the creative act of making extraordinary worlds in sound. Each composer/ sound artist represented by this series is completely different and 100 % original.

The artists are a unique set of people who have been involved or are somehow connected to The Hague, by performing, studying or working here over the last ten years. Their shared common interest is that everyone is free to voice their own inner environment and there is no one else like them. This makes for a rich spectrum of colours, textures and flavours, a collection of perspectives and personalities, all of which are brilliant, relevant and strong.

Artists on show include:

Oscar Bettison, John de Simone, Matt Wright, Barbara Ellison, Keir Neuringer, Juan Parra, Fabian Svensson, Kate Moore, Ezequiel Menalled, Roi Nachshon, Shiri Limor, Missy Mazzoli, Aslaug Holgerson, Ernst van der Loo, Pete Harden, Samuel Vriezen, Anton Lukoszevieze, Stephanie Pan, Andrew Hamilton, Saskia Lankhoorn, Florian Maier, Reza Namavar, Ana Mikhajlovic, Arnold Schoenberg, Alison Isadora, Jan Bas Bollen, Monica Gemino, Frank van der Weij, Dennis del Favero, Trio Scordatura, Chris McIntyre, Stuart Griffin, Peter van Loon, Rpm Electro, Stracc, Dapper’s Delight, Bloed Rood, Modelo62…and more.

more info: ‘Handmade Homegrown’ concert series at Theater Dakota