Gradus – June 15, 2012 – 19.30 – Theater Regentes

Gradus – by Kate Moore (2010, arr. 2012) performed by Angelica Vazquez (electric harp and quadrophonic tapes) will be performed this Friday, June 15, 2012, 19.30 @ Theater Regentes during Angelica’s recital of pieces for harp and electronics.

This piece is built on layers of different types of “delays” both written out and with electroacoustic effects. Working with delays as a means to spatialise pitches, where notes are passed from one corner of the performance space to another surrounding the audience, creates a rippling shimmering texture. This sonic technique can be likened to the way dots of pure colour in a painting by Seurat meld together, coming to life to form a glowing vibrating image that appears to be three dimensional.

In Gradus, the music is built on a system of stacking thirds in canons, twisting them around each other like a woven plait or knot forming a pattern likened to an echo where repeated notes in space are constantly changing. The juxtaposition between artificially created digital delays, that sit in the background texture of the music, and recordings of the harp, the foreground and background become blurred creating a sense of perspective. The digital delays interact with the spatialised recordings and live performance. The result is a beautiful tangle where order and chaos coexist.

The music surrounds the audience with a quadraphonic setting, where four speakers receive separate strands of music so that the intricate pattern of passing notes can be clearly perceived.

©Kate Moore 2012


RPM Electro launch: Season 2012-13

RPM Electro is a band/ ensemble initiated by Kate Moore to perform her music and music by other members of the band. The ensemble is versatile and defies categorization created out of a need for a more flexible and tactile approach to making music with performers where the composer is also in the band as a performer.

RPM Electro - Kate Moore 2012

RPM Electro – Kate Moore 201

“There is something very odd about the roles of composer and performer having become separate. As if musicians cannot create and composers cannot masterfully play an instrument. Looking at academic tradition as much as at rock music, composer and cellist Kate Moore has taken the logical step of founding a band – an independent and self-reliant unit that travels lightly and adjusts to circumstance. But also a group that forges its own identity by being on the road together, propelled by shared impulses and goals. Whatever else it may be, it certainly is exciting. And such, without any doubt, will be the music that comes out of it.” Rene van Peer – music journalist – 19 May, 2012

The band will be resident ensemble at Theater Dakota for the season 2012-13. The official launch will take place on November 3 premiering a set of ten pieces named ‘Decade’. Fitting in with the theme of 10 years in the Netherlands, it is a tribute to the people and places that Kate has encountered during this period in The Hague.

The band is Marc Kaptijn – trumpets, Angelica Vazquez – harp, Michaela Riener – voice/ keyboards, Pete Harden – guitars/ keyboards, Kate Moore – cello/ keyboards and Joey Marijs – percussion.